If a file ends up in a Trusted File Manager (TFM) Repository from a result other than the Ubiq software, FHOOSH is unable to interpret the contents correctly.  Therefore the file is treated it cannot be modified, updated, deleted, or altered in any other way.  Some command line tools and Windows Explorer may not fully recognize that the file is unrecognizable and appear to operate on it correctly, however during refresh the file will be reverted.

Ex: If a file is inadvertently copied in the manifest directory of a Repository other than through Ubiq, Ubiq attempts to process it as if it is a manifest, which will fail.  Attempting to read from the file, write to the file, rename the file, will all fail.  However, in some circumstances, attempts to delete the file appear to work, however refreshing the directory shows that the file was not deleted.

One indication of recognizing a file is invalid will be that the size of the file is 0 bytes long.